Custom Racquets

Custom Squash, we are the first in Australia (possibly the world) to offer personalised custom painted racquet. Each racquet, is hand painted to order and can be ordered with any grip or string you require. We can also cater for awards / prizes, ie Clubman of the year, etc.

Our racquet builder is now available in our online store. We also have a small selection of fully assembled (ready for shipping) and pre painted frames available. 
Currently, we have 2 frams available, but we are looking into more in the future. Commissioned by Grays Squash, each frame is made from premium high quality carbon, using Grays Advanced Fibre Technology Construction. The CSL uses titanium reinforcements for increased power, while the CSP features double layered carbon in the shaft, to create a stiffer feel with greater control. 

Each racquet is hand painted using high quality automotive grade paints. With millions of colour combinations available you can have your racquet just the way you want it. And remember, if you can see the colour, we can paint it. (Any additional graphics/wording are high quality vinyl decals)
All Custom Squash racquets come strung using Grays Graytec 1.25 string. Offering good playability and excellent durability, will suit most players. We can upgrade the string at time of purchase at a reduced rate, whether you are looking for a higher level of performance or wanting to colour match your strings to your new frame. We have an extensive range from Grays, Tecnifibre, Ashaway and more, if we don't have what you like, we will order it in.

All Custom Squash racquets come fitted with a basic Grays grip. We can upgrade to any grip & colour you require. We stock both replacement and overwrap grips from Grays and Karakal or we can special order others in for you.

Awards/Prize Racquets:
We can even create a one of a kind Award/Prize racquets for your club. Whether its as a Winner/Runner UP, Club Champion, or even a Junior Encouragement prize, we can create a racquet that will create a statement. See the pictures of the 'Tom Sparks Junior Encouragement Award' award produced recently for the GV Squash club for an example of what we can do.

For more information or to order phone Andrew on 0421 160 855 or email